Rosetta Protein Design Workshop 2018

A workshop focusing on membrane proteins was held in May of 2018. Based on Rosetta 3.9, this workshop included hands-on tutorials for structure prediction of modified proteins, thermostabilization, single and multistate design, small molecule interface design, peptide design, scaffold and motif grafting as well as presentations on Rosetta basics.

Main Topics:

Tutorial 1: RosettaCM Prediction of Designed Structures
Tutorial 2: Thermostabilization and General Protein Design
Tutorial 3: Antibody Single & Multistate Design
Tutorial 4: Enzyme and protein-small molecule interface design
Tutorial 5: Peptide Design
Tutorial 6: Protein Scaffold and Motif Design

Short Talk Topics:

Tutorial 1: Rosetta Basics: IO and Navigating Rosetta
Tutorial 2: Creating Custom Protocols with RosettaScripts
Tutorial 3: Rosetta Scoring (or Energy) Function
Tutorial 4: Structure preparation
Tutorial 5: High Throughput Experiments and Rosetta Design