Rosetta Workshop 2020

Rosetta Virtual Workshop – August 24-28th 2020

Workshop materials will be in the morning (US Central Time) on each of Aug 24-26th. They’ll consist of both video lectures, as well as a link to downloadable materials to complete the tutorial on your own machine.
The tutorials are structured as self-paced exercises, so feel free to work on the tutorials and videos at your own pace, as your schedule permits.
Instructors will be availible during standard US Central Time hours Aug 24-28th to registered participants on the Discord server to answer questions about the materials.

Workshop Materials:

Youtube Playlist
of all workshop presentations

Self-paced instructions for the tutorials can be found within the zip file, as plain text (.md), webpage (.html) or PDF (.pdf) format.


Main Tutorials:

Tutorial 1: De Novo Folding
Tutorial 2: RosettaCM Comparative Modeling
Tutorial 3: Protein-Protein Docking
Tutorial 4: Small Molecule Ligand Docking
Tutorial 5: Protein Design
Tutorial 6: Using Experimental Data

Short Talk Topics: