Rosetta Antibody Workshop 2017

Rosetta Antibody Workshop 2017

In conjunction with the BSDF conference at Vanderbilt, a workshop focusing on membrane proteins was held in April of 2017. Based on Rosetta 3.8, this workshop included hands-on tutorials for RosettaAntibody structure prediction, HCDR3 loop modeling, computational affinity maturation, antibody-antigen docking, epitope grafting onto scaffolds, and electron density refinement, as well as presentations on Rosetta basics.

Zip file (93 MB) of all presentations and tutorials for the 2017 workshop

Main Topics:

Tutorial 1: RosettaAntibody Structure Prediction
Tutorial 2: HCDR3 Loop Modeling
Tutorial 3: Design & Computational Affinity Maturation
Tutorial 4: Epitope Grafting
Tutorial 5: Antibody-Antigen Docking
Tutorial 6: Refinement into Electron Density

Short Talk Topics:

Tutorial 1: Introduction to Antibodies
Tutorial 2: Rosetta I/O
Tutorial 3: Rosetta Energy Function
Tutorial 4: RosettaScripts XML
Tutorial 5: Using Experimental Data with Rosetta