Original Rosetta Workshop 2010 Files

Rosetta Workshop 2010

The following are the Rosetta Tutorials originally published with “Practically Useful: What the Rosetta Protein Modeling Suite Can Do for You”, Kaufman et. al. Biochemistry 2010. These tutorials are based on the Rosetta 3.0 release version and include tutorials on ab initio folding, clustering, design, ligand docking, loop modeling, protein docking and refinement.

Main tutorials:

Tutorial 1: Ab initio Folding
Tutorial 2: Clustering
Tutorial 3: Protein Design
Tutorial 4: Protein Ligand Docking
Tutorial 5: Homology or Loop Modelling
Tutorial 6: Protein-Protein Docking
Tutorial 7: Refinement/Relaxtion

Additional Files from the Publication Supplement

Tutorial 1: Rosetta Tutorial: Input only
Tutorial 2: Rosetta Tutorial: Complete with Output Files